The SIM Bookshop based in Port Louis has been for several decades, the reference library of Muslims who imported a whole range of books in English and French on various subjects. SIM organized sales of public literature in various parts of the island. Cassettes, CDs and DVDs for The teaching of Islam was used for the first time in Mauritius by SIM.

A wide range of products available like Attar, Perfume, Ehram and belt for Hajj, Honey, etc

Bookshop Locations
# Address Tel No
1 Ground Floor, Pearl House, Sir Virgil Naz Steet, Port Louis 208 1634
2 Pagoda Street, Port Louis
3 Quran House, Boundary Road, Rose Hill
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Available in SIM Bookshop
    • Islamic Books
    • Quran
    • Audio CD
    • Islamic DVD
    • Musullah
    • Perfume / Attar
    • Miswak Toothpast / Stick
    • Shawl/Hijaab/Horni
    • Kurty/Jubba/Cap
    • Pins Hijaab
    • Quran Box
    • Stickers/Port Clé
    • Black Seed Products
    • Honey/Zafran/Almond/Jam
    • Cadre/Pendentif
    • Tasbee/Qibla Direction
    • Islamic Calendar
    • Al Jummah Magazine
    • Islamic Games for Children
    • Tafseer Quran / Fatawa Islamia
    • Hadith Books
    • And many others
New Bookshop at Quran House, Rose Hill

SIM is happy to announce its new bookshop at Quran House, Boundary Road, Rose Hill